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DVS Counselling

Getting Started

Sometimes, simply reaching out to a new counsellor is the hardest part!

As I believe strongly in the relationship, I offer a complimentary 20 minute phone or video consultation to help determine if we would be a good fit, and gain a sense of your concerns and goals.

To book a consultation, please send me an email at or call 1-506-306-5002.

DVS Counselling

What to Expect

  • After we connect, we'll schedule your free 20 minute video or phone consultation

  • Then after the consultation, if you would like to go ahead, we'll book your session. You'll then be electronically sent an intake/confidentiality form to complete. 

  • You will receive a booking confirmation, and reminder email or texts, dependent on your preference. If your appointment is for a virtual session, you will be sent an email with the link to use within an hour of that time.

  • After your session, an emailed receipt will be sent with detailed information (ex. My counselling registration numbers) that you may choose to submit to your insurance provider (if needed, please check they cover registered clinical counselling)

During our sessions, we will work together to explore what is concerning you, and how we can implement practical changes to experience relief and freedom. 

The first session will likely involve some intake questions (ex. any medical diagnoses I should know about, important life events, family dynamic...), but you may also just want to dive into what is bothering you! We will also review the limits of confidentiality.

Basically, at the beginning you're getting a sense of whether you think we would work well together, and start to identify areas we can first tackle to experience relief. 

DVS Counselling

"What if I don't really know what I need help for?"

It's more common than you think! Often we feel "stuck" or "frustrated," but can't really pinpoint why (but we know something is off). Together we will explore what is happening for you, work to get to the root of it, and then develop effective strategies for positive change. And even if you have one main concern, we can also explore other concerns, as well. 

DVS Counselling

"The thought of talking 1:1 for 50 minutes is daunting..."

Many people feel this way! Yes, we are new to each other, but the nice thing about counselling is we build that relationship at a speed that suits you. We can move quickly in sessions or slow it down a bit - and both can be beneficial! And honestly, I've gotten into this work because I like communicating with people - I'll try to help you feel comfortable as we build rapport. 

DVS Counselling

"How will I feel after a session?"

This is a great question, and really it depends. Often counselling brings immense relief as you're sharing freely and receiving support. Although, sometimes counselling can bring up difficult feelings after, or during, a session, and we can work through those, too. I'll also check in during the next session to see how you felt after the previous one, and how we can support you going forward.

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